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High Efficiency Increases Profit

Ultimate performance, and up to 98% fuel efficiency.

Lower Costs

Reduce fuel bills, repairs, maintenance, and system down time. Increase profits.

One Source, Total Solutions

All your floor and water heating needs with just one phone call.

One Stop Shopping

Order an installation package to get all the just right installation parts!

Carwash Boilers Exclusives

Cost-saving systems designed just for the car wash industry.

Pre-Plumbed Systems

Get out-of-the-box productivity with easy installation and cost-saving expandability.
Here’s What Else We Offer

Design-Innovation & Efficiency Products & Services You Can Trust


An old saying goes, “You have to spend money to make money.” At Carwash Boilers, we believe “You make money by spending wisely.” We help car wash operators become more profitable by providing value-driven products and services. We do the leg work. You reap the profits.Carwash Boilers’ Pre-Plumbed Systems Provide High Value at Low Cost

  • Site-specific, High-quality, Reliable Products for Every Budget
  • Responsive Support Team
  • Innovative, Proven Solutions Available

We help car wash operators become more profitable!

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There’s nothing boilerplate about the systems we design. Every product, component and their placement is selected specifically to meet the demands of the selected site. Having designed and installed hundreds of systems nationwide, Carwash Boilers has the expertise to optimize the use of space, resources and budgets to help make car wash operators more profitable – faster.

Custom technical schematics
Site-specific engineered software
Able to work with site architect
Fast turnaround

Our name says it all. Carwash Boilers specializes in offering the car wash and car care industry top products, components and engineering to achieve the most energy- and cost-efficient water heating systems available. Our products are carefully selected to provide solid solutions for every budget and individual requirements. Let us help design a system package you can trust.
Installation Parts. Get the just right fittings and parts you’ll need to install your new system out of the box. Request an installation package when you make your order.

Replacement Parts. Nothing lasts forever. We stock glycol and replacement parts so we can ship within 24 hours.

Diagnostic Rentals. Don’t buy expensive specialized tools, rent them from us. A thermal imaging camera detects leaks. Scan for carbon monoxide leaks with our combustion analyzer. Use our crimping tool to make installation fly.