Heat Floors & Water with One Unit

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Heat Floors and Water with One Unit Pre-Piped from the Factory The Squire uses the power and efficiency of the boiler that heats your wash bay to heat floors and water any other hot water demand required. The efficiency of the boiler used to heat the wash can be as much as 20% higher than a direct-fired tank-type water heater. [...]

Pre-Plumbed Packages

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Just 5 hookups One unit can handle up to 3 bays Expandable | service up to 12 self-service bays on one frame Low cost, high value Durable | powder coated metal frame ORDER NOW Run boilers, pumps & floor heating on one compact, touch-screen thermostat Control set-points Turn on/off specific zones Hook [...]

Floor Heat Boilers

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Carwash Boilers is the one-stop-shop for car wash floor heat boilers, offering a wide range of high-efficiency and standard boilers for every application. Place your cursor over an image to learn more Advanced Negative Regulation Technology Fail-Safe Direct-Spark Ignition Two-in-One Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Fully Modulating Burner with 5:1 Turndown Ease [...]

Water Heaters

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Carwash Boilers is the one-stop-shop for car wash water heaters, offering a wide range of high-efficiency and standard water heaters for every application Place your cursor over any image to learn more 96% Thermal Efficiency Whisper Quiet Operation Advanced Smart Control LEARN MORE 96% Thermal Efficiency Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Compact, Wall Mounted [...]

Tankless Water Heaters

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A fully integrated system, designed to provide a high-performance hot water experience NPE-240ANext generation tankless technology simplifies installation, making it the ideal tank replacement solution. The best choice in tankless features: Simple retrofit ComfortFlow technology Ultra high condensing efficiency Field gas convertibility EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN A COMPACT UNIT Fan Pre-mix Burner Dual Venturi System Primary [...]

Radiant Heaters

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Energy-saving infrared stainless steel tube heating offers the best durability and performance   For use in harsh, wet, contaminated and outdoor applications BTU/h inputs of 75,000 to 150,000 Available in tube lengths of 20 to 60 ft Choose 100% product upgrade or selected optional upgrades Components totally enclosed in a moisture resistant silicone sealed control housing [...]

Water Softeners

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Packaged Water Softeners with Top Mounted Control Valves Pre-plumbed Headers and Skid Mount Systems Flow rates between 8 to 200 gpm continuous flow Capacities per tank of 75,000 to 600,000 grains per tank TOTAL SYSTEM Our water softener is pre-engineered and packaged to meet most commercial and light industrial applications.Mineral tanks have a polyethylene inner shell [...]

RO Systems

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Reverse Osmosis System Benefits for Car Wash Operators Because of its lower mineral content, reverse osmosis water is often used in car washes during the final vehicle rinse to prevent water spotting on the vehicle. Reverse osmosis is often used to conserve and recycle water within the wash/pre-rinse cycles, especially in drought stricken areas where water [...]


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STAINLESS STEEL, GLASS-LINED, JACKETED & INSULATED OR BARE ASME TANKS Lock-Temp Design Locks Hot Water at Top, Cold Water at Bottom Lochinvar Lock-Temp Tanks have been specifically designed and engineered to provide a high volume supply of hot water at a constant outlet temperature. The unique Lock-Temp baffle chamber design is so efficient that, regardless [...]

Controllers: Carwash Boilers Exclusive

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Introducing the next generation of control system: designed and manufactured by Carwash Boilers FEATURES 24/7 Remote Monitoring |fully-integrated Web-based access offers offsite functionality. Gone are the days of traditional thermostats. Run your entire system from a separate, compact thermostat unit featuring state-of-the-art touch screen functions. Hook-up to Any Computer | a simple Ethernet cable hook-up allows [...]