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Controllers: Carwash Boilers Exclusive

Introducing the next generation of control system: designed and manufactured by Carwash Boilers


  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring |fully-integrated Web-based access offers offsite functionality. Gone are the days of traditional thermostats. Run your entire system from a separate, compact thermostat unit featuring state-of-the-art touch screen functions.
  • Hook-up to Any Computer | a simple Ethernet cable hook-up allows complete control of a car wash system from a desktop computer on location
  • Offsite Option | consider a Web Interface box which allows you to check your system offsite at any time using Web-based access.

With this option and web access, perform these functions offsite:

  • Control set points
  • Monitor boiler and floor heat functionality
  • Have the ability to turn specific zones off and on

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