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The Shield™ commercial water heating product line has been upgraded, refined and expanded to give you more reasons to choose Shield.

  • Available in eight models to offer more sizes in ASME construction and a new 125,000 Btu/hr-65 gallon model.
  • Large LCD display and a new control with more features.
  • All utility connections are now out the top of the unit to reduce equipment room footprint and improve installation flexibility.
  • A large removable pump access panel has been added and the control has been moved to the front of the cabinet, improving the serviceability of the Shield.

These design improvements and more make the new Shield better than ever

* 96% Thermal Efficiency
* 5:1 Modulation to Minimize Short Cycling
* 8 Models from 125,000 to 500,000 Btu/Hr
* Lifecycle Efficiency – No Efficiency Loss from Lime Scale
* Whisper Quiet Operation
* Advanced Smart Control
* Venting up to 100 Equivalent Feet
* Payback calculator and venting options

96% Efficiency – Life Scale Free for Life

The Shield water heater operates at 96% thermal efficiency and provides 100% effective defense against a water heater’s worst enemy – lime scale buildup on the tank and heating surfaces. Tank type water heaters suffer from one thing the Shield does not, lime scale buildup. Lime scale insulates the water from the heat source, decreasing thermal efficiency and increasing operating costs.

Just a ¼” of lime scale will increase fuel consumption and raise operating costs as much as 25%.

Shield has no flue tubes inside the tank. The water is heated in a separate stainless steel heat exchanger mounted above the tank. By controlling and creating high water velocity through the heat exchanger, the heat surface areas are kept clean so thermal efficiency remains high, for life.

Fully Modulating Burner with 5:1 Turndown

SHIELD can fire as low as 20% of maximum input when water heating demand is lowest, and increase to 100% for peak-demand periods. This results in better overall efficiency and less cycling compared to “on-off ” tank-type units that can only fire at 100%.

“NEG/REG” Sealed Combustion Technology

SHIELD utilizes an advanced combustion system which provides NOx ratings compatible with the most stringent air quality standards. Additionally, the NEG/REG sealed combustion technology allows the unit to operate with inlet gas pressure as low as 4 inches water column.

Advanced Electronic Control

SHIELD features the ultimate water heater control which makes system setup, service and operation a breeze. A backlit LCD display gives readouts of setup, system status and diagnostic information. SMART CONTROL™ also includes:

  • Night Setback
  • Time Clock
  • Alarm Contacts
  • Runtime Contacts
  • Enable/Disable Contacts
  • Last 10 Lock-Outs
  • Security Protection
  • Adjustable Pump Delay
  • Contacts for Louvers

Installation Flexibility

As always, multiple SHIELD water heaters can be manifolded together to meet large demands. Now, with new optional Side Tappings, a SHIELD can be connected to an additional heat source, such as a Lochinvar/TiSun Solar Array or a ARMOR water heater.