Advanced Boiler and Water Heating Systems

Hoffman Car Wash of New York State Turns to Carwash Boilers for Total Water Heating and Installation Support

Company/Client: Hoffman Car Wash
Owner: Tom Hoffman, Jr.
Location: Vestal, NY, USA
Project: Facility Assessment, Complete Pre-Plumbed Boiler & Water Heater Packaged System, Set-Up and Engineering, Control Boxes, Installation Support, Training & Tech Support


With 40 years of experience in the car care industry and 23 locations throughout New York state; Hoffman Car Wash and Hoffman Jiffy Lube® provide customers with the most modern facilities and well-trained staff of professionals. Hoffman’s newest car wash in Vestal, NY is the most advanced facility of all their 23 locations.

The facility features a full, multi-system automatic car wash, four self-service wash bays and three self-service dog wash bays. With such a highly advanced facility, Hoffman required a highly advanced, state-of-the-art boiler and water heater system; and needed a one-stop source to provide all of the expertise and implementation.


Hoffman Car Wash turned to Chris Rojas at Carwash Boilers to handle all of the installation of a high capacity, high efficiency boiler and water heating system at the Vestal, NY facility. Along with supplying new 98.6% high-efficiency boilers and 98% efficient water heaters, Carwash Boilers also provided a full range of expertise including: site consultation/assessment, facility set-up, system engineering and training. Carwash Boilers also evaluated the operating output of the facility and installed a set of advanced wall mount control panels all programmed to meet the facility’s specific needs and to get the most efficient heating demands out of the system. (Control panels are manufactured by Carwash Boilers Inc.)

All of the boilers and water heaters are fully integrated pre-plumbed units with technical schematics and specifications provided by Carwash Boilers. Hoffman Car Wash of Vestal, NY is now running the most advanced and efficient system for a car wash facility of this capacity.

Our Vestal, NY car wash needed an advanced boiler and water heating system and Chris Rojas at Carwash Boilers was the go-to-guy to get the job done. I was impressed with the broad range of service and support he provided. Chris’s knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations and he’s become an important resource for my company. I have total peace of mind that my facility is equipped with the best, most efficient boiler and water system and that Chris is available for anything I need.”

Tom Hoffman, Jr.

* Case profile represents only this particular car wash owner in the state of New York. Other car wash applications will differ from facility to facility.