You Could Be Losing Customers and Money
by NOT Operating a Hot Water Car Wash

Many car wash owners opt to run their facilities with cold wash water in an attempt to save money on operating expenses and/or to reduce or eliminate gas costs. However, you could be at a major disadvantage with a cold water facility. Hot water is the key to providing customers with a quality wash and satisfied experience. We all know hot water cleans better. Why not outfit or retrofit your car wash facility with a high efficiency system to deliver a high value hot water car wash?


  • Hot water increases reaction rates speeding up the break down of foreign substances. Hot water excites the elements of soil, oils and dirt so they can be detached easier from vehicle surfaces giving customers a much more effective wash.
  • Hot water increases dissolving abilities. Some greases and residues on your car’s surface have low melting points. Even without soap, some greases will dissolve in hot water.
  • Hot water with soap: Hot water acts as a catalyst when coupled with cleaning chemicals and auto wash soap’s. Cleaning agents react better with hot water substantially increasing the effectiveness to remove dirt and road grime. Hot water makes it easier for wash soap to surround, penetrate and detach dirt particles.
  • Do you live in a winter climate? Hot water is particularly important during winter periods to remove grime, road salt and ice that are the most destructive and corrosive components to vehicle bodies and chassis. During cold weather periods, customers are much more likely to frequent hot water car washes.
  • The human element: Nobody takes a cold shower or relaxes in a tub with cold water. The tangible affects on your customers’ wash experience is just as important as providing quality service.
  • Hot water soothes. Hot water keeps hands from freezing in cold weather and provides a quicker, more effective cleaning. You’ll increase customers with a pleasant, satisfying wash experience.


Install a High Efficiency Boiler and Water Heater System from Carwash Boilers.

Chris Rojas at Carwash Boilers can design your system to get the best efficiency to meet your heating demands. A high efficiency boiler is 98.6% efficient. Units can modulate down to 20% of full fire input automatically. High efficiency boilers monitor your de-icing system set points automatically reducing output when not needed.

In contrast, older units are full fire continuously whereas a high efficiency system automatically modulates fire output for better efficiency and lower operating costs. High efficiency boilers and water heaters also incorporate high-tech, “smart” digital technology with continuous monitoring for optimal performance.

A high efficiency boiler system from Carwash Boilers can reduce gas consumption up to 51% and operate at a 93% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating (AFUE).

Pre-Plumbed Systems from Start to Finish: Chris Rojas at Carwash Boilers can also design and provide full installation support for a complete pre-plumbed system to meet your specific application. After site engineering, system design and specifications are approved, Chris provides full units all piped, wired, tested and I-beam mounted providing ultimate functionality and ease of installation. Why not let Carwash Boilers design a high efficiency custom system to fit your needs?

Chris Rojas is your certified representative for boilers and water heaters and a one-stop source for all your car wash floor and water heating solutions. From concept to engineering and tech support, Carwash Boilers provides you the expertise for your existing or new car wash business.