Kerner’s Car Wash Cleans Up on Gas Cost Savings

Company/Client: Kerners Car Wash
Owner: Mr. Dave Kerner
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Project: Installation of new Lochinvar® boilers in car wash facilities
Cost Savings: $12,000 to $13,000/year per facility


Like any other car wash facility owner, Dave Kerner needed to drastically reduce utility expenses in his car wash facilities. Operating costs of his existing boilers during winter months were exceeding between $4,000* to $5,000* per the coldest months for each facility. Dave is now only paying on average $1,000 per month during the coldest winter periods.

Not only were gas costs the main reason for replacing the old, inefficient boilers, Mr. Kerner also wanted to save space in the tight equipment rooms where the boilers are located. The old boilers were large, bulky skid-mounted floor units that needed constant maintenance. The old boilers were also sized too big and overcompensated for his operating needs and did not feature any kind of automatic modulating firing rate in order to fluctuate boiler output for water demand and climate temperature – adding to the excessive non-efficiency and gas costs.


Mr. Kerner turned to Carwash Boilers to evaluate the operating needs of his facilities and to implement a new high-efficiency boiler system. Along with supplying new, 98.6% high-efficiency Lochinvar® boilers, Carwash Boilers also provided a full range of customer support, consultation, facility set up expertise and an installation schematic design. Mr. Kerner installed new high-efficiency Lochinvar® wall mount units all programmed and set up to meet his specific needs.

Cost savings have been dramatic. Kerner’s Car Wash is now saving between $12,000* and $13,000* a year on gas consumption costs per site facility. Not only is there gas cost savings, Mr. Kerner saved space in his equipment rooms with the new compact, wall mount units. Installation was smooth, easy, with no-hassle hook-up and preparation. Kerners Car Wash was up and running in no time with the new Lochinvar® wall mount boilers. Lochinvar® boilers are a champion of reliability that features a technologically advanced SMART SYSTEM Operating Control making Lochinvar® boilers simple to program with quiet, hassle-free operation. Mr. Kerner is so impressed with the new boilers, he and Carwash Boilers are in the process of helping other car wash owners to replace their old boiler systems with high efficiency Lochinvar® units.

* Case profile represents only this particular car wash owner in the state of New Hampshire. Gas prices differ from region to region. Weather patterns vary throughout the country and car wash owners’ needs and facility situations can differ.