Get Out-of-the-Box Productivity with
Fast ‘n Easy-to-Install Pre-Plumbed Packages

Pre-plumbed packages for water heating and boiler systems are ideal options when space and budgets are tight.

Carwash Boilers offers energy efficient solutions with expandable options,
which make pre-plumbed packages a smart investment for  car wash operations with room to grow.

Boiler Package

  • Run boilers, pumps and floor heating on one compact, touch-screen thermostat

  • Control set points

  • Turn on/off specific zones

  • Hook up to any computer

  • Off-site option

Tankless Water Heater Package

pre-plumbed tankess water heater package - carwash boilers

  • Low cost, high value

  • Just 5 hookups

  • One unit handles up to 3 bays

  • Expandable: service up to 12 self-serve bays on one frame