Tight Space? Tight Budget?
A DIY Condensing Boiler Kit is a Good Fit!

Running out of space in your equipment room? In a tight space, tight budget situation, a DIY replacement floor heat boiler kit is a smart investment for car wash operators. (Pictured above is a boiler installed outside because it wouldn’t fit inside.) Because the boiler can be one of the largest pieces of equipment in a car wash mechanical room, with a high-efficiency boiler, you free up a substantial amount of space and save on energy costs, to help you become more profitable.

For operations with an eye to future growth, the DIY condensing boiler kit system can be expanded to add as-needed equipment to meet growing needs. Carwash Boilers understands the car wash industry’s unique demands, having provided the industry thousands of the most efficient, reliable, durable and high-output floor and water heating solutions available for over a decade.

Three ways this packaged smart solution saves car wash operators time and money (to become more profitable)

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DIY Condensing Boiler Kit

Savings 1: DIY Out-of-the-Box Productivity

The kit arrives with everything you need* for out-of-the-box installation to save down time (and money). You receive all the just-right fittings and valves so you don’t have to go to the hardware store and hope they have enough or the right ones that fit.

Savings 2: High Efficiency, Lower Energy Costs

The system achieves up to a 20% higher efficiency by using condensing technology with modulation as low as 10% of maximum firing rate.

Savings 3: 24/7 Remote Monitoring

Adjust demand functions, control set points, troubleshoot from anywhere you have an internet connection. Carwash Boiler’s exclusive control system, designed and manufactured specifically for the car wash industry, allows operators to run boilers, pumps and floor heat from a compact, touch screen thermostat.

How Much Can You Save?

If you’re ready to replace, renovate or build a new car wash, now is the time to evaluate your options (and savings!). Start here with a click: