Stainless Steel, Glass-Lined, Jacketed & Insulated or Bare ASME Tanks

Lock-Temp Design Locks Hot Water at Top, Cold Water at Bottom

Lochinvar Lock-Temp Tanks have been specifically designed and engineered to provide a high volume supply of hot water at a constant outlet temperature. The unique Lock-Temp baffle chamber design is so efficient that, regardless of the rate of hot water flow, 80% of the stored volume of hot water can be drawn from the storage tank without a drop in the pre-set outlet temperature.

In operation, Lock-Temp Storage Tanks utilize a unique water baffle chamber to eliminate turbulence and establish a positive, piston-like displacement system. Cold water entering the system is directed into the built-in baffle chamber, where water turbulence is eliminated. Eliminating turbulence allows natural physical properties to force hot water to the top of the tank and cold water to the bottom. The resulting effect creates nearly perfect stratification allowing the hot water to be drawn from the tank first.

  • 1/3 less hot water storage is required with Lock-Temp Storage Tanks than with ordinary storage tanks

  • Lower Standby Losses

  • Smaller Footprint Required

  • Lower Installed Cost

  • Reduced Water Heater Operation Cost

Stainless Steel Tank

  • Energy Saving Performance

  • Stainless Steel Vessel

  • Vertical Configuration

  • Polymer Jacket

  • Expanded Foam Insulation

  • Diffuser Tube for 80% Draw Factor

  • 60, 80 & 110 Gallon Capacities

The Lock-Temp system makes Lochinvar Storage Tanks more efficient.

Consider that a typical storage tank delivers only about 60% of its stored water volume at the desired temperature while Lochinvar tanks with the Lock-Temp baffle deliver a minimum of 80%. This efficiency allows for more economical sizing of storage tanks. A design calling for 400 gallons of 180ºF water would require a 670 gallon standard tank while a Lock-Temp tank would deliver the same 180ºF volume using only a 500 gallon tank, a 170 gallon savings.

Advantages of a Lock-Temp Storage Tank Over Conventional Storage Tank

In ordinary storage tanks, water circulation or a heavy draw of hot water from the top of the tank causes an incoming rush of cold water, creating turbulence in the tank’s stored water supply. The result is inter-mixed hot and cold water that requires constant adjustment at the fixtures to maintain the desired temperature.

Lochinvar Lock-Temp Storage Tanks eliminate these problems with a unique inner chamber baffle that absorbs and flattens turbulence caused by incoming water. The Lock-Temp baffle also permits hot and cold water to stratify, directing the hottest water to the top of the tank and the colder water to the bottom for return to the heater.

Glass-Lined Tank

Lochinvar‘s glass lining is a specially formulated vitreous porcelain enamel lining, which is applied to all interior surfaces of the tank. After the tank surfaces are cleaned to a white metal finish, an automated spraying process applies a uniform glass lining. The lining is continuously monitored for thickness and continuity. The tank is then fired to 1600°F to assure molecular fusing of the glass to the interior steel surfaces and each glass lined tank is tested for glass conformance prior to final assembly. Upon completion of the lining process, each tank is hydro tested per the ASME standard. The combination of high quality materials, rigorous metal preparation, and careful testing results in the best possible coating for potable water in a storage vessel.