Packaged Water Softeners with Top Mounted Control Valves

Pre-plumbed Headers and Skid Mount Systems
Flow rates 8 to 200 gpm continuous flow
75,000 to 600,000 grains per tank


  • Our water softener is pre-engineered and packaged to meet most commercial and light industrial applications.

  • Mineral tanks have a polyethylene inner shell that is externally wound with continuous fiberglass filament for seamless, corrosion-proof construction

  • These tanks are 1/3 the weight of a comparable size steel tank for ease of installation and handling and carry a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Easy to install and service with one connection to inlet, outlet and drain.

  • High capacity virgin polystyrene softening resin.

  • High flow ABS plastic underdrain allows minimum pressure loss and even distribution of service and regeneration water.

  • Available as twin systems.


  • Lightweight, corrosive-resistant Noryl construction allows for easy installation and long service life.

  • Full size porting on all main flow paths permits high service flow and backwash rates for both softening and filtering.

  • Modular cartridge design means everything you need to change, clean or service is right up front.

  • Reliable face seal design eliminates piston scoring.

  • No hard water by-pass option can be factory ordered or added in the field.

  • Universal adapters fit virtually any commercial application around the world.