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Energy-saving infrared stainless steel tube heating offers the best durability and performance


  • For use in harsh, wet, contaminated and outdoor applications
  • BTU/h inputs of 75,000 to 150,000
  • Available in tube lengths of 20 to 60 ft
  • Choose 100% product upgrade or selected optional upgrades
  • Components totally enclosed in a moisture resistant silicone sealed control housing
  • Rain tight electrical attachments
  • PVC coated stainless steel flexible gas connector


Why Infrared Heat

infrared-theory-carwash-boilersInfrared heats people, floors, walls, and other surfaces directly without heating the air first. The result is an instant warming effect, similar to the effect felt when the sun emerges from the clouds on a chilly day. When infrared radiant heaters are used in an enclosed building, objects in the space absorb the emitted infrared energy. Once absorbed, the energy is converted into heat which in turn warms the surrounding air.

This method of heating, as opposed to filling a room with warm air (such as a forced air unit) allows the source of heat to begin at the floor level, not the ceiling, and makes it the most efficient and effective method in which to heat under the diverse conditions present in warehouses, storerooms and even the most immense structures imaginable.

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