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Reverse Osmosis System Benefits for Car Wash Operators

Because of its lower mineral content, reverse osmosis water is often used in car washes during the final vehicle rinse to prevent water spotting on the vehicle. Reverse osmosis is often used to conserve and recycle water within the wash/pre-rinse cycles, especially in drought stricken areas where water conservation is important. Reverse osmosis water also enables the car wash operator to reduce the demands on the vehicle drying equipment, such as air blowers.

What sets up apart from all others: Our systems are custom designed, not mass produced

In applications where space is limited, a unit can be reconfigured to stack the membranes vertically, thus reducing the floor footprint. Units can also be custom configured to your exact specifications.

Unlike mass produced systems, our reverse osmosis systems offer:

  • Light, easy to move, rust-proof frame | our powder coated aluminum frame outperforms the powder coated steel frame most other RO systems use
  • Durable, long lasting control panel | our aluminum control panel is welded onto the frame, whereas most other controls are made of a sheet of plastic screwed onto the frame
  • Regulated to reduce wear on the pump | we have a pressure regulating valve on the discharge of the multistage pump
  • Corrosion resistant fittings | we use stainless steel instead of brass fittings on the permeate lines which are susceptible to corrosion and pitting
  • Stronger, longer lasting compression fittings | we use stainless steel instead of high pressure concentrate line plastic compression fittings
  • Maintenance-free valves | we use 316L stainless steel needle valves which will not pit and cause maintenance problems, as occurs with “hard to see” typical brass needle valves
  • Accurate flow rates | most systems are incorrectly rated for flow, they are sizing the systems based off of 2400 gallons per membrane. 2400 gallons per day is a testing standard and is not to be utilized for sizing systems. Operating a system at 2400 gallons per membrane would operate the system at a 28.23gfd which far exceeds the industry recommended 15-19gfd
  • Ease of expansion | we use a 1- 1/2HP on our 2,3 and 4 membrane systems, whereas most other 2 membrane system use a 1HP pump
  • Electrical code compliance | we follow electrical code on all systems, and can verify whether a motor is TEFC or ODP; this saves compliance issues

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Disclaimer: Equipment style may change with the rack design